Hong Kong, Macau hubs for illegal online gambling, Chris Eaton

    AGB Advisor and contributor, Chris Eaton, declared Hong Kong and Macau hubs for illegal gambling in an interview with the SCMP. The former head of security to FIFA said that both Special Administrative Regions “have massive illegal online gambling operations, mostly but not exclusively feeding into and out of mainland China.” Eaton argues that Hong Kong and Macau “are most likely the world’s two biggest illegal operator locations.” The AGB Advisor says that there are “technical and criminal connection reasons” why that is “and only a massive coordinated regulatory and police effort can correct it.”

    Chris Eaton added that Paul Phua’s arrests in both Las Vegas and Macau “begin to officially expose the true wealth, greed and shady operations too commonly found in the global sports betting industry” while appealing to governments to increase their efforts “in search of financial transparency, stability and for the protection of citizens and sport.” 

    In an article in the upcoming print edition of AGBriefings, Eaton says that “because today there is no international sport betting regulation or supervision and no international platform to join up those nations that actually do regulate sport betting, in effect the industry is a global market free-for-all.”