GVC says it will only re-bid for bwin.party if 888 increases offer

Having placed its takeover bid past the £1.1 billion ($1.7 billion) mark, GVC Holdings could “walk away” from its ongoing battle with 888 Holdings for bwin.party Entertainment, according to UK media.

Speculation has been rife regarding the takeover of bwin.party and its two bidding rivals GVC and 888. Last week The London Times reported that GVC Holdings and its bid advisor Cerberus Capital Management were considering bidding 130p per share for the operator.

However it appears that GVC will only increase its cash and shares offer for bwin.party if 888 raises its current bid. Furthermore the London AIM listed operator is willing to turn its back on the takeover battle if 888 remains the recommended bidder with its current £908 million value of bwin.party assets.

London business analysts have noted that bwin.party and its advisors have played a clever game regarding its takeover position and the interest of the bidding parties. The underperforming operator has been marked as a game changing deal for both GVC and 888. The bidding operators have differing sets of plans for bwin.party should they manage to acquire the company.

Noting its vantage point, analysts and industry commentators have stated that it is likely that bwin.party governance will hold out for bid increases from both 888 and GVC. It is further noted that the operator will look to drag on bid negotiations  which have been ongoing since this February, as governance looks to secure the best deal for shareholders. 

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