Growth trajectory

AGB interviews representatives at RGB on where they see growth in Southeast Asia over the next few years. 

What kind of trends do you foresee in Southeast Asia over the next few years?

The growth of the gaming business in South East Asian countries has been on an upward trend in the past few years and we foresee this trend to continue in the next few years.

The Philippines is expected to continue to grow with new openings and expansion in existing venues. The next potential growth market in Southeast Asia is Vietnam, where the government recently approved the opening of two new Integrated Resort Casinos, which will allow local Vietnamese to enter, albeit with certain conditions. If the government is satisfied with this trial, there is a good possibility it will allow more casinos for local Vietnamese, which certainly will have a great impact on the growth of the gaming market in Vietnam and in Southeast Asia overall. To complement this, the number of Slot Clubs in Vietnam is increasing in addition to the number of machines in the existing venues. In other parts of Indochina, mainly Cambodia and Laos, the market will certainly continue its upward trend due to new openings and expansion, such as the opening of the NAGA Casino extension. With these current developments in Southeast Asia, the road is clear for positive growth for the gaming industry in this region.

How is your company responding to these trends?

The growth in the gaming market in Southeast Asia is welcomed by RGB as our strength lies is in this region. Being a company based in Malaysia and having regional offices in Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Macau, RGB has the edge to leverage on gaming market growth in Southeast Asia. RGB has more than 450 employees located throughout the region, comprising of our marketing and technical teams. Our marketing team is well trained to promote gaming products produced by many world renowned manufacturers, whilst our engineering team is accredited to provide technical services for most gaming products and equipment.

What products are you currently offering in the Philippine/Asia?

With three decades of experience, RGB engineers provide complete turnkey solutions right from installation and repair through to preventive maintenance of electronic gaming machines, table utilities, gaming equipment and almost all other products required in the gaming industry.

RGB is the authorized distributor of gaming products, with exclusive distributorship in certain jurisdictions, for a number of global brands. Our partners are household names, with products of great reputation, marketability and proven performance. RGB is a distributor for a wide range of Electronic Gaming Machines, casino products and casino equipment from manufacturers such as Scientific Games (SHFL, Bally and WMS), Aristocrat, Zitro, R.Franco, Cartamundi and SuzoHapp. RGB is your one stop gaming solutions provider.