Government will not drop anti-smoking bill

    Macau’s Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture has reaffirmed the government will not drop the revised tobacco control bill that could see a full smoking ban inside casinos, TDM reports.

    Whilst only two Legislative Assembly Committee members out of ten backed the blanket smoking ban, Secretary Alexis Tam has reiterated the government will not withdraw the bill in case of disagreement between the government and the LA, but said the government was open to suggestions.

    “For sure the government is not dropping the bill, because the bill is passed the first reading already. The committee right now is discussing about the details. And we hold an objective and open-minded stand to whatever suggestions they’ve got. Because some organizations told us they have conditions to set up smoking lounges, I want to see what are these suggestions and conditions”, said Tam.

    The Secretary added there will be a new date for a meeting with the standing committee in charge of reviewing the bill, but this has not yet been set.