Government fires illegal Kangwon Land workers

The South Korean government has decided to fire all 226 employees of Kangwon Land who were found to have obtained their jobs through nepotism.

“President Moon Jae-in today ordered the government to take swift and thorough measures against employment-related corruption at public organizations, best known by the Kangwon Land case,” Yonhap News cited Cheong Wa Dae spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom as saying.

Last year, Kangwon Land admitted that between July 2011 and February 2014, 95 percent of all staff hired – some 493 people – were selected either for their political connections or because of their personal relationship to former CEO Choi Heung-jip.

The probe into the casino operator, which is the only property in South Korea where locals are allowed to gamble, comes amidst rising frustration at youth unemployment levels.

Local media reported that 22 of the 4,786 applicants whose job-seeking efforts were frustrated, have now filed suit against the company seeking 10 million won ($9,800) each in damages.