Goa’s redrafted rules to undergo final review

It is understood that Goa’s redrafted gaming laws will undergo a review from the Advocate General (AG) before it is brought into force, local media reports.

The rules, which would ban the entry of Goans to casinos in the state (with the exception of employment reasons), were redrafted last year along the lines of Macau’s casino rules.

As part of the redraft, terms such as area, casino, electronic gaming, live gaming, offshore, offshore casino, onshore casino and passenger capacity were defined.

The new draft will also see the state government appoint a gaming commissioner, who could be a private person or a government officer.

“We have now sent the gaming commission file to the AG and are waiting for his opinion before the rules are notified,” a senior officer told news outlet Times of India.

Any persons under the age of 21, and any Goan found gambling in a casino in the state will be subject to arrest under the new rules.

Goa currently has five offshore casinos and more than a dozen onshore casinos.