Gaming service quality in Macau has dropped in 2015, survey says

The Gaming Service Index (GSI) dropped in the third and fourth quarter of 2015, after hitting a record high during the second quarter, local media reports.

The Macau Gaming Research Association launched the survey conducted by SGS Hong Kong Ltd on Jan. 13, which involves sending “mystery clients” to casinos in the city to conduct the report. Under the index, three sub-indexes are used: smiling, proactiveness and tolerance.

According to Max Lee Kim Cheung, research manager of SGS Hong Kong, the drop is mainly attributed to the smiling index, and the proactiveness index, which was 10 and 11 percent less than the previous quarter respectively.

Cheung added that staff was seen chatting and failing to notice customers with queries, as a main reason for the fall in the “proactiveness” index.

There will be 13 casinos evaluated this year. “Later this year we have more casinos being established and we need to review the scale and methods of this research to be more constructive and useful for this industry,” says Dr. L. C. Koo, assistant director of the Macau Gaming Research Association as quoted by Macau Daily Times.