Gambling study shows drop in participation rate

    About 64 percent of respondents to a telephone survey said they had taken part in some form of gambling, a decline of about 21 percent over 1999 figures, according to a March study. Participation in all gambling activities decreased, except for sports betting which more than doubled. The smallest decreases were for race betting and casino table games. The survey found that 8 percent of adults had taken part in interactive gambling, with 56 percent for land-based. The research study was commissioned by Gambling Research Australia to investigate how Australians are using interactive gambling services and the impact of interactive gambling on land‐based gambling and gambling‐related problems. The results suggest that interactive gamblers are most likely to be male and younger than land‐based  gamblers, suggesting that this mode may continue to grow in popularity among the next generation of gamblers. Interactive gamblers have more positive views of gambling than land‐based gamblers and were engaged in a significantly greater number of gambling activities, it found.