Engineers bribed to falsify soil tests

    Macau’s Commission Against Corruption has found that two Civil Engineering Laboratory employees were bribed by an engineering company to falsify soil tests in a road-construction project, the anti-graft agency announced.

    The investigation follows a report in May 2014 in which a gaming company discovered that a section of a public pavement outside its large-scale casino that was under construction caved in just a few days after it was opened to motorists. 

    The gaming company, through the general contractor of the roadworks project, requested the subcontractor to follow up the matter and present the relevant soil test reports. 

    According to CCAC, the two employees allegedly committed active and passive bribery as well as document forgery offenses — all regarded as illicit acts in Macau’s Criminal Code. These crimes can result in imprisonment for a maximum term of three to eight years.

    “The relevant suspects allegedly committed offences of active bribery, document forgery by a public servant and passive bribery to perform an illicit act under the Penal Code, which may be subject to imprisonment for a maximum term of 3 years, 5 years and 8 years respectively.”