Dynam’s pachinko halls continue to suffer

Dynam Japan Holdings, an operator of Pachinko halls in Japan, reported a slight decline in total revenue for the nine-months ended December 31, 2017.

Gross pay-ins for the nine months was JPY 583.8 billion (US$5.4 billion), down 5.2 percent compared to the prior-year period. Total revenue was down 2.6 percent to JPY 115.1 billion.

Dynam said the pachinko hall industry has continued to suffer from a “severe business environment.”

The company said it has made efforts to grow and develop with local communities and to improve the machine utilization by setting up its halls with a focus on customer needs.

The group opened 6 new low cost playing halls during the period, with the number of halls operated by the company now at 451.

“Also, the entire pachinko hall operators has improved playing environment in halls by gradual reduction of a ratio of number of high playing cost machines,” it added.