Dynam quarterly revenue drops 4.8 percent

    Japan’s Dynam Holdings said revenue in the three months to end June fell 4.8 percent to 38.17 billion yen ($375 million), hurt by a higher consumption tax.
    The company classifies revenue as gross profit from pachinko hall operations which is gross pay-ins minus gross payouts.
    The total halls in operations rose to 377 from 362, mainly due to the addition of 24 low-playing cost Yuttari Kan halls, which were the most profitable part of the business. Revenue at Yuttari Kan rose 7 percent, compared with a drop of 20 percent in Shinrai no Mori.
    Dynam said the ratio of the lower-cost halls has risen to 40.3 percent from 37.3 percent in the same period last year and it intends to continue to focus on this area of its business.