Dynam Japan total revenue down 1.3 percent in 15Q2

Dynam Japan Holdings announced total revenue for 15Q2 decreased by approximately 1.3 percent year-on-year to ¥36.3 billion ($5.8 billion) compared with the same period last year and said it will focus more on low playing-cost halls to drive sales.

The company announced that its total gross pay-ins went down by 2.8 percent from ¥213 billion in 14Q2 to ¥207.1 billion this year.

The company said during this quarter, the use of pachinko machines showed a downward trend in the entire industry.

‘“The utilization mainly in our high playing-cost halls was in a remarkable downturn year-on-year. Correspondingly, gross pay-ins and revenue in our high playing -cost halls decreased and as a result, total gross pay-ins and revenue were lower than the performance in the previous corresponding period.”

The company added that it implemented measures such as renovating halls to encourage play at its high playing-cost venues.

“On the other hand, gross pay-ins and revenue in our low playing-cost halls increased year-on-year through the new hall openings due to the outcome of our strategic focus on low playing-cost halls.”

The company is opening new halls under its launch plan, with the total number of halls increasing year-on-year by 18 to 395.