Duterte to ban govt officials from entering casinos

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is making moves to ban government officials, members of the Philippine Armed Forces and National Police from playing and staying in casinos, according to Politics.com.

Andrea Domingo, CEO of the Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corp was reportedly ordered by Duterte to implement Presidential Decree No. 1067-B, which was first issued in 1983.

“I do not want people in the government entering the casino. You are in the government with a measly income and yet you’ll be seen in a casino?” said Duterte.

The president also said the ban will include all family members as well as individuals under 21 years old and students attending any Philippine school, college or university.

Duterte has expressed his disapproval of gambling several times over the last few months, vowing to realign the proceeds from the country’s gaming regulator to be used towards public health and education, as well as vowing to put an end to online gambling in the country. Duterte said he will direct PAGCOR chief Andrea Domingo to rescind licenses that have been issued for online gambling “sometime” soon.