DICJ still short on staff

Macau’s gaming regulator says it is still short of inspectors to oversee casino operations in the territory, Business Daily reports.

In a response to enquiries from Business Daily, The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau noted that, even with the newest batch of entrants, the number of casino inspectors were insufficient for the workload.

“Even with the addition of the new hires, we think the staffing level has still not yet reached the ideal level in respect to the rapid growth in our workload,” noted the regulator in its response.

Currently there are no fixed dates for the new hires to start working in the Bureau, as they would need to pass through “interview and other administration procedures,” noted the DICJ.

Once complete, the list of candidates will be announced, said the Bureau.

So far this month a total of 18 job vacancies were announced in the Official Gazette by DICJ, while 37 vacancies were announced last month.