Delhi High Court to hear poker petition

The Delhi High Court has agreed to hear a petition for poker to be recognized as a game of skill and for charges filed against a group of players in a 2016 raid to be dropped.

The petition to quash charges was filed by New Delhi resident Karan Mutha, who was arrested in a gambling raid in the city in September of last year. Seven people were arrested in the raid and charges filed for gaming in a common gaming house.

The petitioner however claims that the police has not specified the game that was being played on the premises where the raid was conducted. He further claims that he was playing poker at the raided premises and that the game of poker, being one involving skill is exempt from the provisions of gaming or gambling under Section 13 of the Delhi Public Gambling Act, irrespective of whether the game involves stakes or not.

Mutha also argues that Nagaland has regulated skill games, while across India online poker sites are operating.