Debtor database to launch in 2017: MGIA

The junket-proposed debtor database containing the details of high-rollers that owe overdue debts is expected to launch in 2017, said Kwok Chi Chung, chairman of the Macau Junket Association at the MGS Entertainment Show on Wednesday.

“The entire system follows the law [Personal Data Protection Law],” said Mr. Kwok, quoted by local press. “All loan contracts [for debtors] issued by the junkets will include a statement approving the debtors’ information to be saved in the database and to be used for references by members [of the database].”

The database would be able to help VIP promoters reduce the risk of bad debts by sharing information about current VIP debtors.

In May, the DICJ confirmed it was looking into the possibility of setting up a database of people who owe overdue debts related to credit issued for gambling.

Speaking to local press, Kwok noted the database will be operated by the industry itself.