China LotSynergy enters Cambodia lottery business

China LotSynergy said it has teamed with Cambodia’s National Sports Lottery Company to launch a hotline transaction system, betting terminals and lottery games, marking a milestone for the company’s international expansion.

The company said the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia in 2014 formally authorized the National Sports Lottery Company to operate lotteries to raise funds for the Southeast Asian Games, which will be held in the country in 2023.

The sports lottery body has signed an exclusive 10-year license with China LotSynergy’s Ace Metro unit.

Ace Metro will provide all lottery betting terminals and lottery hotline transaction and management application systems, and hold responsibility for game development, new media lottery sales operation and management, customer service and point-of-sales training, and relevant technical support and maintenance tasks. The company will receive revenue-sharing-based fees.

The National Sports Lottery hotline transaction system project is the only Sports Lottery project authorized by the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia. The system will support upwards of 10,000 sales terminals, online transactions of over 10 million player accounts, and simultaneous operation of hundreds of different game types.

To date, Ace Metro and National Sport Lottery Company Limited have jointly developed the lotto-type “40 pick 6” and digit-type “4D” games, which feature high payout ratios and are highly adaptable to the market.