Chan says Macau at low-risk of attack

Director of the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ), Paulo Martins Chan says there is a low risk to the city’s casinos, according to police evaluations, Macau Daily Times reports.

Last Monday, Macau’s gaming operators have submitted reports concerning their casinos’ security as requested by the gaming regulator.

“They [the gaming operators] will collaborate with the DICJ, as well as the Judiciary Police [PJ], and last Monday they already submitted the reports about their present security situation, and we will analyze all these reports,” said Paulo Martins Chan, quoted by MDT.

“The PJ will look at these reports from a technical point of view and afterwards, we will have a meeting with the six operators again and see what we can do, and what should be improved,” he added.

Chan said the gaming operators will meet with the PJ and DICJ again soon.