Cell Aquaculture opens Cambodian casino

    Australian aquaculture company turned casino operator, Cell Aquaculture, has held the soft opening of its Roxy Casino in Cambodia’s Bavet City, Syay Rieng Province. The casino is 200 metres from the Vietnamese border and hopes to capitalize on gamblers crossing the border from Vietnam, where gambling is illegal. According to studies, Hanoi loses about $800 million a year in revenue from its citizens crossing into Cambodia to gamble. Cell, which was placed into administration in September last year, has been re-admitted to trading on the Australian Stock Exchange after raising $3 million from investors. It subsequently chose to diversify acquiring the Cambodian casino and a retail project in China’s Haikou Free Trade Zone. The casino’s VIPs, local, provincial and Bavet city officials, as well as officials from an adjoining Vietnamese town were invited to attend the opening. The casino’s gaming activities will operate 24-hours a day and include a main gaming hall with fifteen gaming tables and eight online gaming tables. It will have a premium gaming area with five gaming tables offering high-stake games, slot machines, two 8-player electronic roulette machines and a sports-betting area focused on international soccer games.