Case against Dolphin Treasure slot and Aristocrat gets dismissed

The court case against Australian-listed Crown Resorts and slot machine supplier Aristocrat over claims they had given gamblers misleading information about the chances of winning was dismissed in federal court on Friday.

The ruling was made on grounds of lack of specific evidence, according to a report from Reuters.

Shonica Guy, a former gambling addict had alleged that the design of Aristocrat’s Dolphin Treasure machine gave players an unrealistic expectation of winning.

The federal court judge said that while Guy had raised important questions about how casinos treat problem gamblers, she failed to the defendants’ misleading or unconscionable conduct.

“My findings … do not diminish the tragedies involved in the accounts given by Ms Guy and the other lay witnesses,” the judge, Debra Mortimer, wrote.

“However…most of this evidence was not specific enough to contribute to proving the allegations made.”

In a statement, Aristocrat said it welcomed the decision and would continue backing “balanced and fact-based harm minimization initiatives”.