BMM Testlabs revenue up 6 percent in 2014

BMM Testlabs, a gaming testing laboratory and technical consultancy, announced a 6 percent increase in revenues and a 17 percent rise in EBITDA in 2014 amid growth in Asia, Europe, Canada, and US.

“Even with material currency declines against the US dollar, revenues increased by 6 percent driving overall record financial performance for our business as a whole. Prudent financial management led to growth in EBITDA by 17 percent and Cash by 11 percent,” said CEO Martin Storm.

 Storm said the company grew its engineer staff and significantly expanded its operations in the U.S.

“Beyond our financial goals we achieved significant operational performance milestones. We grew our specialist quality assurance testing business to over 50 engineers whilst reducing our U.S. testing revocations quality measure to less than 1 percent.” 

“We also increased our U.S. jurisdictional access significantly, expanded testing facilities in Las Vegas and Moncton, and opened new labs in Vienna and Bologna. Importantly we delivered major version releases of our Toolbox, BOAT and Signatures software for our customers.”