BMM helped European companies looking for growth at ICE

BMM brought together experienced staff from around the world to offer advice and assistance on compliance, certification, testing and training services during ICE in London this year.

“We find this is invaluable for both existing customers as well as new customers, as we are able to provide a range of knowledge and experience on land-based, online and social gaming, across all globally regulated regions,” said the company in an interview recently.  

BMM says this year they are focusing on providing more resources to deliver product certifications quicker, assisting our customers with their critical time-to-market requirements.

When asked of BMM’s milestones of the last few months, the company said December was a record month in Austria and South Africa. BMM also recently entered into a partnership with ISTQB, a highly credited global testing certification body.

“This partnership ensures that BMM’s engineers in all regions are trained, educated and certified to the highest industry standards,” said the company.

Given the fast growing market in Europe, BMM said it was going to keep a focu on the European gambling market.

“As we have seen recently, Europe is an incredibly fast growing and developing market with many countries already regulated, and potentially more on the way, as governments look at the benefits from regulating their gaming industries. With BMM’s global licensing coverage expanding every month we are truly now able to provide a pathway for European companies looking for opportunities for growth and to transfer products to the US, and international markets.”