BJP opposes Congress govt’s plans for casinos

Opposition Bhararitya Janata Party (BJP) is protesting the Congress government’s move to encourage the opening of casinos in Puducherry, local media reports.

The BJP said the opening of casinos would give rise to unchecked gambling, saying it would launch a massive agitation against the plan if the minister did not drop the move.

“…the fact is that casinos would only give rise to unchecked gambling and lure the youth into various questionable practices including alcoholism”, said President of BJP’s local unit V Saminathan.

Saminathan alleged that Puducherry was already seeing a serious unemployment problem among the educated youth, and that the focus should be on that, rather than making moves to encourage casinos.

Saminathan recalled Rao’s recent statement that casinos would be part of tourism programmes and said tourism should not be at the cost of values and ethics.