BBIN brings out cross-platform transfer tech

BBIN will be bringing its cross-platform transfer tech, among other leading products to G2E Asia in 2016.

The technology is used to support gaming products, which can be mutually conversed between any physical devices and slot machines.

Theme Baccarat, the latest BBIN Live Casino product, will also be officially introduced as well.

Using advanced green screen shooting technology, the live casino product can switch between different backgrounds including a nightclub, modern and holiday themes.

HTML5, which has just started to be widely used in gaming product development worldwide, has successfully been applied on most BBIN products.

BBIN platform system is upgraded with complete cash flow data, which provides clients with the most powerful and unique backend management system on the market.

In the near future, big data analysis will also be brought in to optimize the performance of the system.

Other products on display this year is the BBIN Casino, a powerful app with an all-in-one gaming solution.

BBIN has been attending G2E Asia since 2013, and welcomes you to try their products, found at stand 1419.