Asia gaming industry is under-served: experts

The number of casinos in Asia-Pacific will increase to around 230 in the next five to seven years, but it is not enough, said industry experts.

“Casinos in this region is far underweight,” said Andy Choy, Melco International Development’s chief gaming officer during the G2E conference on Tuesday.

“To put this into perspective – United States has 350 million people, 48 states and 1,400 casinos,” said Choy. “Asia, on the other hand, four billion people, with [currently] less than 200 casinos where gaming takes place.”

However, Choy said whilst dollars spent on casinos per capita in the United States is far more than Asia, looking at gaming revenue in Macau, it is obvious there is a high demand for gaming in Asia Pacific.

“When we go to Vegas, it’s very full – buffet lines are long, their shows are robust,” said Choy. “ Yet you come back to Macau, yes, it looks somewhat robust, but definitely not to the same extent. However, even today, Macau gaming revenue represents 4-5 times of what Vegas does.”

“From the macro perspective there is huge potential for gaming in this region,” added Choy.