Arrest warrant issued to former Kangwon Land CEO

The former CEO of Kangwon Land has been arrested on charges of unlawfully hiring staff at the request of politicians and local “bigwigs”, The Korea Times reports.

On Thursday, the Chuncheon District Court in Gangwon Province ordered the arrest of Choi Heung-jip citing the risk of destruction of evidence.

Dozens of suspects who allegedly asked Choi for favors are expected to also face questioning by the prosecution.

The casino’s hiring corruption case was first brought up in 2015, after it was alleged that a large number of people hired between 2012 and 2013 was as a result of their connections with politicians and the former CEO.

The case was closed in 2015, with prosecutors indicting the CEO, Choi Heung-jip, and a human resources executive.

However, in September, the ruling Democratic Party started calling for the case to be reopened, saying that a deeper investigation is needed.

An arrest warrant was also issued to the secretary of Rep.Yeom Dong-yeol, who allegedly blackmailed a company official who was not cooperating with them.