Another petition on poker enters high court

A third petition has been filed in the Gujarat High Court after a poker club was denied clearance by Surat police, local media reports.

Petitioner AAA Gaming Pvt Ltd told the court that it had made representation before Surat Police Commissioner on January 17 to start a poker club in the Umra area of the city, but was denied permission on the grounds that poker was gambling and not a game of skill.

The petitioner said the view expressed by the commissioner is without legal base, and noted that section 13 of Gujarat Prevention of Gambling Act exempts a game of skill from the purview of gambling.

Last year, another two petitions were filed with the high court after police stopped the game from being played at the YMCA club at Hotel Ramada.

The petitions claim that high courts in Karnataka and West Bengal have already endorsed poker as a game of skill.