Alfastreet unveiled Royal Derby at G2E

Alfastreet, unveiled its highly anticipated Royal Derby, a mechanical horse racing machine and its spin off, the Wet Race throughout the three days of G2E Asia.

Casino operators were eager to get the impressive machine to their gaming floors. However, the brand new R8 roulette was also popular at the show. The first edition of the popular machine included 23 inch touch screen monitors paired with keyboards, which are still widely popular on Asian markets. The trademark roulette cabinet was presented with a signage superstructure including the rotating top sign.

Electronic table game solutions were also on display, which are already widely recognized and used around the world. An example of this was the WIKY single terminal, boasting the industry’s largest, 32 inch touch screen monitor and the possibility to play up to four games at the same time.

The I.Q. slot machine range was also shown, which generated very good reactions from attendees. The first units will be seen in Asia soon.

The company’s online gaming platform solution was not to be missed, enabling gaming enthusiasts to enjoy the familiar user interface from their own computers, tablets and phones within or outside of the casino.

“Overall, it has been another great edition of the show, and the company is already contemplating big surprises for the next one!” said Alfastreet.