Alan Ho ordered investigation of prostitution-related complaints

Hotel Lisboa had been receiving and investigating complaints from women who were being asked to pay to access a “working room” at the hotel, however it has also been revealed Alan Ho had requested an investigation of those complaints, local media reports.

The revelation was delivered by Hotel Lisboa former general manager, Samuel Yeung, who gave his testimony during the latest session of the Hotel Lisboa Prostitution trial. The case, involves six defendants including former  Hotel Lisboa executive director, Alan Ho, who have been accused of being involved in a prostitution racket operating at the SJM Holdings-owned hotel.

Yeung said that the hotel received complaints accusing several people of extorting money from prostitutes to allow them to work at the hotel on several occasions, which was taken seriously and investigated as much as possible.

Another highlight of the last session was SJM Holdings chief executive officer, Ambrose So, who reaffirmed the description of Alan Ho as a fair and honest person. So said he had heard Alan Ho saying he wanted to give a “cleaner image” of the hotel and the prostitutes were affecting that image.