AGE new venue proves crowd pleaser

    The Australasian Gaming Expo will remain at its new location on Glebe Island for the next two years before returning to Darling Harbour, said Ross Ferrar, CEO of organizer Gaming Technologies Association.
    Ferrar admitted that before the show there had been some trepidation about the new facility on Glebe Island, after 24 years at Darling Harbour, with concern about the public transport links to get to the site and segregation from the restaurant precinct at Darling Harbour.
    “From the exhibitors’ point of view, the geographic segregation from Darling Harbour and Cockle Bay’s restaurant precinct was a bonus. The visitors were happy to dine on site and consequently stayed on site for longer,” he said. “Ultimately, we were delighted with the visitor response to the show with visitor numbers very close to those of 2013.”
    The 25th Australasian Gaming Expo wrapped up on August 14th, with 180 exhibitors having attended the show.