Academics question Australia IR model

    The multi-billion dollar integrated resorts planned for Australia’s Queensland state, including the Aquis resort, are highly unlikely to attract international high rollers and instead will end up targeting the local population, two academics wrote in The Conversation.
    “From Hobart to Darwin, casinos have been justified with hopes of attracting lucrative international tourists and gamblers, particularly from Asia. Yet such hopes have rarely been realised. Australian casinos sooner or later become dependent on the “local” pokies market,” the report said.
    The authors point out that the Aquis resort planned for Cairns will boast 1500 poker machines but only 750 gaming tables, which it said is a clear sign of a leaning towards the local population. By far the most popular game for Asian and Chinese gamblers is baccarat.
    The authors of the report were Martin Young, a senior lecturer at the Centre for Gambling Education and Research at the Southern Cross University and Francis Markham, a PhD candidate at the Australian National University.
    According to their modelling, local residents are likely to “spend” an additional $240 each a year on gambling as a result.