888 chairman Brian Mattingley wants fair fight for bwin.party

888 Holdings Chairman Brian Mattingley said he remains confident that his firm would win in its pursuit of bwin.party Entertainment, against the increased takeover bid of GVC Holdings.

Mattingley who replaced executive chairman Richard Kilsby in May, told the UK newspaper The Times  that he expects a clean and fair fight for bwin.party operations, as GVC increased its takeover bid to the £1 billion mark offering 122.5p buyout per share price.

“We have rehearsed our strategy more times than we care to think of. We know how it’s going to be done. I am confident this is do-able with lowish risk.” Mattingley said.

Mattingley added that 888 Holdings held the better co-synergies for bwin.party’s long term future and growth, which had been noted by the target operator’s board.

“I don’t think it’s only the quality of the paper…we know how to execute it and obtain the synergies. I think we have satisfied the target company that we are a good, straightforward, honest, hard-working and fit company to go forward. Our growth has not come just from doing wacky things in illegal territories; it has come from driving customers through our CRM and marketing campaign. The bwin.party board unanimously recommended our bid.”

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