20 percent of Macau problem gamblers are dealers

    A total of 147 people registered with the ‘Central Registry System of Individuals with Gambling Disorder in 2015, according to the Social Welfare Bureau of Macau.

    Of the individuals who registered to have a gambling disorder, it was revealed that 20 percent of them were currently employed as a dealer / croupier, according to its 2015 annual report.

    The report found that most help-seekers played ‘Baccarat’, seconded by ‘Slot Machines’ and ‘Sic -bo/Big and Small’, with the majority gambling in order to “resolve financial difficulties”.

    Last month, the Macau government announced it was considering whether to ban dealers from gambling in local casinos.

    Chan said he will begin discussions with representatives of the gaming sector before the end of the year, however noted the gambling ban on croupiers needed consensus in civil society.