Wild Crypto

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    Wild Crypto first to launch Chopsticks in the Apps skill-based games

    Wild Crypto, the international lottery and casino website built upon the blockchain, has become the first online casino to go live with skill-based games from Czech Republic-based developer Chopsticks in the Apps. Three titles from Chopsticks in the Apps have initially launched with Wild Crypto, showcasing the very latest in skill-based gaming. The titles include […]

    After successful fundraising, crypto gambling projects look to the future

    The blockchain-based gambling projects which successfully fundraised tens of millions of dollars via initial coin offerings (ICOs) last year are nearing launch, and for many, Asia holds the key to long-term success. A spate of successful ICOs saw a diverse range of gambling-related operations funded in 2017, including B2B provider FunFair, which raised $26 million […]

    Wild Crypto launches disruptive new blockchain gaming platform

    Wild Crypto, the international lottery and eGaming platform built upon blockchain technology, has gone live following last year’s successful token sale. The platform is set to disrupt the global lottery and eGaming sectors with its pioneering use of blockchain technology and its own cryptocurrency, the WILD token. The platform is the first of the major […]

    Wild Crypto appoints CEO ahead of launch

    Wild Crypto, the international lottery and eGaming platform built upon blockchain technology, has appointed William Trentini as its CEO as it readies for launch next month. The platform will go live to players on January 20, 2018, with a host of proprietary lottery and gaming content, as well as games from world-class third-party suppliers. The […]

    Crypto currencies gain favor in Asia gaming

    Bitcoin has regularly made the headlines in recent months, its price surging towards the $5,000 mark - four to five times its value at the start of 2017 - predominantly driven by interest in Asia. It has also emerged as a viable gaming currency, with online operators discovering that users, particularly in Asia’s grey markets, are keen to embrace a currency that is secure and easily deposited and withdrawn.