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    Goa’s casinos get reprieve as AAP sinks in elections

    Casinos in the state of Goa may gain a reprieve after the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which had vowed to close the properties, unexpectedly failed to garner any support. The party won zero seats in the state, one of only two in India where casino gambling is allowed. It also failed to take the state […]

    Publications company accused of extorting money from casinos

    Goan police have recently registered a first information report (FIR) against two senior officials of Heraldo Publication, who have allegedly attempted to extort money from casino companies. According to Vishwesh Karpe, from the Goan police’s crime branch, the publication had allegedly demanded 25 lakh (US$37,500) of advertising or sponsorship at Herald events from Casino Pride […]

    Goa to appoint gaming commissioner

    Goa, one of the three states in India that has legalised casino gaming, will name a Gaming Commissioner within the next two weeks, Intergame reports. The new commissioner will oversee the casino industry in the state, but will not have the power to decide the location of casinos. Earlier this month, the government came under […]

    Opposition to Goa casino boats remains despite government pledge

    Goa’s casino boats are still facing political opposition, despite a pledge from the chief minister of the state to allow existing businesses to remain afloat. Independent legislator Porvorim MLA Rohan Khaunte has threatened to withdraw support from the BJP-led government unless it stops all casino activity, both on and offshore, according to local media. “If […]

    Deltin’s Casino Caravela set for relaunch

    Deltin Group’s Casino Caravela offshore casino boat is set for a relaunch after a year of refurbishing. The ship, to be renamed the Deltin Caravela, will be a five-star floating hotel and is expected to be ready for operations within a month, according to local media. The company already operates the Deltin Royale and the […]

    Sikkim’s new airport to drive casino traffic

    After waiting for almost a decade, Sikkim, nestled in the mountainous far north of India, finally got an airport in October, which is likely to provide a boost to gambling operators in the remote state.

    Will elections sink Goa’s casinos?

    Goa’s casinos are awaiting the results of elections that may be key to their future, as well as to broader efforts to push for further legalization of gambling across India. While previous administrations have threatened to close down the operations whilst in opposition, they have failed to follow through once in power. This time around there is another threat. An upstart political party that dominated elections in the capital area of New Delhi is expected to make a strong showing and threatens the future of the casinos.

    Could Sikkim be a role model for India?

    The All India Gaming Federation recently conducted a one-day study and panel discussion throwing the spotlight on the tiny state of Sikkim, one of only three in the country where gambling is legal, with participants noting it could be a model for the rest of India to follow. The tiny Himalayan state has been leading the way in terms of gambling legalization, permitting sportsbetting, online betting and casinos.  

    Maharashtra rolls the dice on casinos, politicians to decide on sports betting

    Lawmakers in the Indian state of Maharashtra are considering moves to legalize casino gambling, while the Supreme Court has handed the decision on whether to allow sports betting over to politicians. Both moves are being followed closely by the industry, which views India as a potential sleeping giant in Asian gaming. With its 1 billion-plus population and rapidly expanding middle class, the market is seen as having huge potential.  

    India seen as potential goldmine, but regulation, under-investment curbing growth

    India’s casino industry has not seen much progress over the past year and there are few indications that 2016 will bring any cheer, despite estimates of the country’s enormous potential and existing demand. With its 1.3 billion population, growing economy and booming tourism, the gaming industry in India has the potential to become a $4-billion market, analysts say, but investment and regulation is needed.