Sensen Networks

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    SenGame 3.0

    SenGame 3.0 is the latest release from Sensen Networks that will be launched at G2E Las Vegas. This is following on from the phenomenal response received at G2E Macau for the SenGame 2.0 edition, which captures table game performance metrics accurately and cost effectively. The 3- Dimensional colour, infrared and depth-sensing technology determines the number […]

    Technology tools to boost table game yields

    The development of new technologies is creating opportunities to optimize casino operations in a way that would not have been thought possible a few years ago, in particular when it comes to table management, though there is debate over which systems provide the best solution.

    Delivering high yields

    Managing and optimizing the yield on the casino floor is essentially the science of maximizing revenue from players by offering them the right product at the right time, whilst keeping operating costs to a minimum. 

    Making sense of table data

    Casinos around the world have access to a goldmine of data, from retail transactions through to loyalty programs, and are increasingly mining that information to improve operational efficiency and marketing. However, until recently, operators lacked a solution to tap into the performance metrics of live table games. Casinos have been forced to rely on labor intensive old-fashioned manual counts during operational hours. A small Australian company, Sensen Networks, now claims to have found an answer with new table game technology.