Sanum Investments

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    Sanum wins appeal case against Laos government

    Sanum Investments has won a case before the Appeal Court in Singapore against the Laos government claiming capital investment benefit losses through unfair taxes. The Macau-based company sought redress under a bilateral investment treaty signed by Laos and China in 1993. Reversing a decision by the Singapore High Court, the Court of Appeal has ruled […]

    Sanum Investment Ltd. opposes motion to dismiss

    Sanum Investment Ltd. and Lao Holdings, N.V. filed an opposition to the motion to dismiss by San Marco Capital Partners, LLC and Kelly Gass on Friday. According to a press release from Sanum Investment, this represents the latest development regarding the case in which the defendants failed to uphold their fiduciary obligations under the contract. […]

    Sanum says Macau Legend sale is illegal

    John Sario, a representative of Sanum Investments said the company was not consulted prior to the sale to Macau Legend, adding that the latest decision is a violation to the 2014 settlement, Macau Daily Times reports. Last week, Macau Legend stated it had entered into a US$42 million project development agreement with the Laos government […]

    Lao Holdings files legal actions against government

    Lao Holdings N.V., the parent company of Sanum Investments Limited, has filed three legal actions in the past week against the Lao Government, according to a recent press release. The legal action is related to the violation of the 2014 settlement agreement reached by both parties, stipulating the sale of the Savan Vegas Hotel and […]

    NMI Court denies issuance of subpoenas relating to Savan Vegas

    Saipan’s federal court has denied the petition from the Laos Government for issuance of subpoenas on Bridge Capital LLC and its owner in connection with the criminal tax investigations in Laos, local media reports. According to the Saipan Tribune, U.S. District Court for the NMI Magistrate Judge Heather L. Kennedy ruled that the Government of […]