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    Indian Poker wars heat up

    A battle over the ownership of the Spartan Poker brand in India has moved ahead with Spartan Poker filing a civil suit in the Calcutta High Court against rival Spartan Online Pvt. Spartan Poker is led by Rajat Agarwal of PokerGuru, while Spartan online is backed by the Indian Poker Championship. In an interim ruling […]

    Spartan Poker in lengthy legal tangle

    A legal tug-of-war over the ‘Spartan Poker’ brand is heating up, with Pokerguru planning to file a lawsuit against promoters of the Indian Poker Championship (IPC), Glaws reports. Last month, a public notice was posted on (owned by Pokerguru), stating that Pokerguru had no control over the operations of Spartan Poker (owned by IPC) […]

    Spartan Poker in legal tangle with two rivals

    Spartan Poker, one of India’s leading poker websites is reportedly in the centre of a legal scuffle between promoter Rajat Agarwal and promoter of the Indian Poker Championship (IPC), Amin Rozani, Glaws reports. “Please note that PokerGuru has no control over the day-to-day operations or finances of Spartan Poker. Please exercise caution and PokerGuru […]

    Poker booms in India, but needs regulatory clarity for full take off

    Poker is booming in India, though regulatory uncertainty, a lack of infrastructure and high taxes, are keeping the market from achieving its full potential, experts say.According to Peter Abraham, the brain behind the India Poker Championship, one of the country’s premier poker tournaments, the poker business has seen “exponential growth” over the last five years.  The IPC will be holding its main event in December this year and about 150 attendees are expected, more than double when the event started out in 2010 in the offshore casinos of Panjim, Goa.