Nanum Lotto

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    South Korea to showcase home-grown lottery system at APLA meet

    South Korea will host its first Asia Pacific Lottery Association meeting next week and plans to showcase its home-grown lottery system, Yonhap news agency reported. The five-day gathering will kick off in Seoul on Monday and will be attended by 250 representatives from 25 countries. “The aim is to promote the fact that lottery is […]

    Changing perceptions

    Lottery revenues increased 9 percent year-on-year in South Korea in 2016 driven in part by changing player perceptions, but remain low when compared with other OECD countries, signaling room for further growth. A gradually changing perception of the lottery as something that can provide funds to help society, together with an expanded online offering are likely to spur future growth.

    Asia lottery upgrades provide potential supplier bonanza

    Countries across Asia are overhauling their ageing lottery systems, introducing new products and online sales to boost revenue and appeal to a broader market, providing opportunities for suppliers.